Timesheets - Create, Review & Export

Users complete Timesheets via the TFO App.  Timesheets is used to review, approve & export these timesheets in preparation for payroll.
Use Projects to set 'project timesheet supervisors', these supervisors will only see timesheets related to their assigned projects.

Create Timesheet Form

Read FleetAdmin - Forms for how to create the timesheet form. 


  • This will display hours Approved, Rejected & Unreviewed.  It also shows at a glance who is yet to submit timesheets.


Review Timesheets

  • Click on review
  • Use filters to select required timesheets
  • Select employee
  • To view employee timesheet submission - Click 'view'
  • Using the "status" dropdown, you can approve or reject timesheets


Rejected Timesheets

If you reject a timesheet, it will bring up an option to notify user of this change & add an optional message.
  • Type Message
  • Click on 'yes'
User will receive a push-notification to their smartphone & the green 'Submitted' tick will be removed from that date. The user can then go back into the date range for timesheet and edit the date rejected to re-submit. 

Export Timesheets

  • Use filters to select required timesheets
  • Click export 
  • Select the columns required for export into payroll software
  • Export to csv. file




  • From the settings tab, you can set up your required company pay period, this determines the pay periods viewed on the TFO App. (EG. Weekly, Fortnightly, 5-day or 6-day weeks, as well as day the pay week starts)

Please Note: Once the timesheet date moves out of the current pay period, they are not able to be amended by the user.

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