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Projects can be created to assign Managers, Project Timesheet Supervisors & Users to separate visibility amongst your staff.   
Projects work well with Timesheets & Dockets, allowing filtering for each Project. 
They can also be used in Fuel Logging to track fuel via individual Projects.
They are easily archived, to ensure only current Projects are visible to your team.
  • In FleetAdmin
  • Go to Organisation
  • Click on Projects
If you Click on Add Project you will be prompted to enter a Name & Description of Project




Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 13.57.17.png


Project Docket Recipient

This Email can be set to auto send Dockets directly from the TFO App.  

Archive Project

Once archived, the project can not be selected by Users. Archived Projects can be restored with user lists preserved.

Project Managers

Assign Users to be managers of the Project

Project Timesheet Supervisors

Where Timesheets select a Project, the selected Users will be able to Review & Approve Timesheets.  Timesheet Supervisors will only see timesheets related to assigned projects.

Project Users

Assign Users allocated to Project


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