FleetAdmin - Geofences

A guide on Geofences within Fleet Track 2, the video runs through how to build a worksite, how to assign people to the site, and other options that you can apply to the geofence.



Time Stamps

0:07 Introduction

0:35 Clicking FleetAdmin on fleetcentre homepage

0:41 Click on geofence tab

0:44 showing geofence list

0:47 Show deactivated toggle

0:51 Editing existing geofences

1:00 Advanced options

1:08 Editing existing geofence

1:23 Creating new geofence

1:38 Drawing geofence

1:51 Finishing geofence creation

2:31 Accessing geofences through fleettrack2 main screen

2:52 Deactivating geofence

Next Step - Organisation - Company Information

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