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The Work Order Scheduler is a visual tool, allowing the allocation of Work Orders to your team of Fitters. It is a simple process of drag & drop to allocate Work Orders via date & fitter.



The Fitters column will list all Users ticked as a Fitter in FleetAdmin. 

The Calendar can be changed from Day/Week/Month view.

The Work Orders have been colour coded to easily identify Work Orders that meet a certain criteria such as open, closed or overdue. The colour codes match the tabs on the Work Order Table, or alternatively the colour code legend is available for reference in the calendar settings tab.

When the mouse hovers over the Work Order, it will display the Work Order information.



All Work Orders, excluding closed Work Orders, displayed on the calendar can be edited by dragging the event on to a different time/fitter or adjusting the length of Work Order by dragging the start or end of the event. 

Clicking on the Work Order will open it in a new tab.

Multiple Fitters - To allocate up to 4 Fitter to one Work Order, click to open the Work Order & use the Fitter drop down to select.

Work Order Table

The Work Order Table is an interactive table displaying all Work Orders via its current criteria.


Each Work Order can be scheduled by dragging the Work Order onto the Calendar into the desired fitter, date and time.

The Work Order table features multiple tabs which sort Work Orders by criteria, these tabs are not exclusive and the same Work Order may appear under multiple tabs. For instance, an open Work Order that has not had a fitter assigned will feature in both the Open and Unassigned tabs.

To enhance workflow the Work Orders Table features the following interactive elements:


Column headings sort the table by ascending or descending column values.

Work Order numbers are clickable, opening the relevant Work Order in a new tab.

All dates are clickable, navigating the calendar to that specific date. This includes the Work Order opened, closed and scheduled start dates.

The duration input refers to the estimated duration of a job in hours, this can be edited & saved using the save icon at the end of each row. Any changes will display on the Calendar.

The progress column represents the remaining open maintenance items in each Work Order, to use as a quick visual aid to indicate how a job is progressing. Clicking on the looking glass icon will trigger a Work Order Summary pop up, with a description of each maintenance item and the work performed for the relevant work order. Scroll to bottom to Close.


Settings & Filters

The Settings & Filter tabs can be found on the left hand side of screen. These tabs contain the settings which will control the look and feel of the calendar, as well filtering the list of Work Orders which feature on the scheduling page. The settings and filters are exclusive to each device which means Users can configure the scheduler to their specific requirements.


Work Order Filters

The Filter tab provides a comprehensive list of filters which can be used independently or conjunction with one another to filter the Work Order Tables. This can be used to restrict the Work Order Tables to a specific asset, geofence, fitter or combination thereof.


  • Click on the Filter tab on the left hand side of screen.
  • Select items to Filter on from the dropdown options.
  • Click on Submit
  • Any current Filters will be displayed above the Work Order Table
  • Clicking on Clear will remove all filters



  • Click on the Settings tab on the left hand side of screen
  • Change Settings as described below
  • Click on Submit

The Fitter Resource List restricts the Fitters column on the calendar to the selected fitters. If empty, all fitters will be included in the Fitters column. This setting is useful to declutter sub-contractors from the scheduler or to only view fitters from a specific location or worksite.

The Calendar Height determines the vertical height of the calendar.

The Calendar Day View determines the fitters and time axis. Timeline puts the fitters resource list on the left and time running left to right along the top of the calendar. Time Grid puts fitters across the top and time running top to bottom on the left of the calendar.

If workshop hours have been set in FleetMaint settings, the Calendar Hours determines the visible hours on the calendar. All Hours ensures all hours are visible on the calendar. Operating Hours hides all hours outside of workshop hours set in the FleetMaint settings. This means any Work Orders scheduled outside of workshop hours will also be hidden and will be visually identified by an orange alert banner display above the calendar.

Note: If operating hours have been set, work orders display on the calendar will respect the workshop hours i.e extend through non-workshop hours where necessary.

The Work Order Collection determines the master list of work orders available in both the Calendar and the Work Order Tables

The Closed Work Orders determines the range of closed work orders included within the master list of work orders.

The Refresh Interval determines the interval at which the page reloads with the latest work orders.


 This completes FleetMaint setup and basic operation




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