FleetAdmin - User Details

Once a User has been created, it is possible to add Tickets, Drivers Licence details, assign Forms & set Assets that users can operate for FleetHire Allocations.
  • Go to FleetAdmin
  • Users
  • User Details
  • Select User


Enter User Details

Qualified as Fitter/Mechanic Ticking this will add the User to FleetMaint Work Order Scheduler & allow Work orders to be allocated
Department Departments can be created in FleetAdmin - Organisation
Position Positions can be created in FleetAdmin - Organisation  and in Induction - Adding Positions
Drivers Licence Number Enter details
Highest Licence Type

Use the dropdown to select the highest Licence Type obtained. This will link Asset Licence Type required & Enforcing licence requirements on all Assets in Prestart App Settings

Licence Type will also display as Valid Licence ticked in FleetHire Allocations

Allocate IVMS IButton / Fob

Read How to Assign an IVMS iButton / Fob to staff article

Assigned Forms

  • Select the Form from the dropdown
  • Click to Assign
  • Click on the red Unassign button to remove forms from Users

Only Users with a Form assigned will see it on their App.

Select Assets User Can Operate

Setting Assets that User can operate works together with FleetHire - Allocations.  Allocations allows you to match Users with the Assets they are competent to operate, with most qualified Users coming to the top of the list.
  • In order to select the asset users can operate in FleetAdmin, Users must have the Allocations User permission granted from User Access Control in FleetAdmin.  Users receiving the Allocations must also be an Allocations User.
  • Asset Types from your Asset List will be shown
  • Drag & Drop the Asset Types the User can operate into the Selected column
  • Save

Add Tickets

  • Click on Select
  • Type in Ticket Name, 
  • If Ticket not in drop down, click on Create
  • Choose if Ticket requires an Expiry an Issue date or both
  • Drag and drop of Click to select the Ticket to upload
  • Add Issue or Expiry date if required
  • Verify Ticket
  • Click on the X to remove Tickets

Tickets can also be loaded in Induction by User or Admin


Next Step - User Access Control - User Permissions

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