Induction Users - Manage User


Once you have assigned a User as an Induction User, you can now manage their profile.  Adding in personal details, emergency contact, medical notes.  View current status and you can also upload Tickets.

Please Note:  Users have the ability to upload their own Personal Details & Tickets via Induction

  • Go to Induction Admin
  • Click on Users


  • This will show all Users allocated to Induction - See Allocate Users

Induction Users Filters

Use the filter boxes to search for required Users.  All invited Subcontractor employees will have Subcontractor as their position.

Hovering over a green Icon will display the completed Site Inductions, VOC's & Ticket details for any User.



User Role

Define what type of Admin Role the User will have within the system.  If none selected the User will be an Induction User.



Site Admin

If Site Admin is selected the User will have Site-restricted access to Users, Sites & VOC's & read only access to Subcontractors.

  • Click on Site Admin


  • Select the required Sites from the dropdown
  • Click on Revoke to remove Site Access

Induction Admin

If Induction Admin is selected User will have full read & write access to all Induction features


Edit User - Personal Details

  • Click on User Name


  • Enter personal details
  • Please note: Any changes to applicable fields will flow through to Fleet Admin
  • Select Position from dropdown options - This is what will link User to relevant Tickets & Internal Training required in Positions 

Corporate Induction Status


This section gives a visual on Users current status

  • Shows the current status via tick or cross
  • This will automatically update as User moves through process


  • Shows allocated & completed Inductions
  • Site Inductions may be verified

Internal & Optional Training Module

  • Lists allocated Internal Training Modules & the status


Here you can upload & verify the Users Tickets.

Please Note: Users can upload their own Tickets via Induction.



Uploading Tickets

  • Use the drop down to Select Ticket
  • The drop down will show required & desired Tickets as selected in Position set up
  • Select Ticket type to upload
  • Choose to Upload Now or Upload Later
  • Upload Later
  • If a Ticket has a Grace Period
  • Choosing this option will set up a reminder email to User when Grace Period is over
  • Upload Now
  • Drag & Drop or Click to Select copy of Ticket
  • If applicable enter Tickets Expiry & Issue date
  • Ticket will now show in Existing Tickets
  • Once Ticket is uploaded, click on Verify Ticket 

Edit Tickets

  • Click on the Screen_Shot_2022-10-17_at_3.35.02_pm.png to edit Ticket
  • Click on Screen_Shot_2022-10-17_at_3.35.51_pm.png to Delete 

Verifications of Competency

  • Shows status of allocated VOC's

Next Steps - Corporate Induction

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