FleetSafety - Adding Tickets

In FleetSafety induction, you can add, edit and delete tickets.

Add all of the required tickets for your organisation. It is important to have these entered before adding users so you have them available to assign to staff as required.

Tickets are then linked to Positions

  • Fleet Centre go to FleetSafety and select tickets

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 09.34.14.png

Adding a Ticket


  • Enter the name of the ticket
  • Select whether the ticket has a grace period. A grace period will allow the User to continue through the Induction process, allowing the allocated time to upload their Ticket
  • If so, use the dropdown option to determine a time period
  • Enter amount of time
  • Click "Add Ticket"

Use the toggle switch to determine if ticket requires an issue and or an expiry date


Hovering over the Screen_Shot_2022-08-24_at_2.18.03_pm.png will show you the positions linked to this ticket


Tickets can be edited or deleted

You will receive a warning if the ticket you are deleting is currently linked to a position

To restore deleted tickets click on the include deleted tickets & restore selected

Next Step - Adding Positions


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