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The Fleet Office Induction Portal is used for employees & subcontractors to complete Inductions, Internal Training, update Personal Information & Tickets.

Your Position & Internal training is allocated to you via your company or subcontractor administrator.

Please note Induction is not available for use on The Fleet Office app - It must be accessed via the link on the TFO Home page Fleet Centre or link below.

  • Go to The Fleet Office Login Page
  • Login Page Link
  • Enter User Name & Password - Ask your company administrator if you do not know these 
  • Tick Remember me for easy return access


  • This will take you to your TFO home page


Click the button to skip to: 


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Corporate Induction

Corporate Inductions are allocated to all Company employees & Subcontractors.  These must be completed before being able to move on individual allocated Training & Site Inductions.

Click on tiles to view & complete Sections, as you move through the process, more tiles will become available.


Personal Details

  • Click on view section
  • Enter in required fields *
  • Click up update Details
  • You will see a green section complete
  • Click on return home
  • You will now see a tick against the completed section



Upload Tickets

  • Click on view section

This will display all of the required & desirable tickets your employer or subcontractor has linked to your position.  



Step 1. Click on the choose type dropdown

  • Choose the ticket type you want to upload


Step 2 . Exisiting tickets

If your employer has previously uploaded any of your tickets they will be listed here



  • Click on ticket name
  • Then click on upload now



  • Enter issue or expiry date as directed
  • Click on the green confirm button above to load your ticket from the system

Upload Now

  • Click on upload now
  • You will be asked to enter issue or expiry date depending on the type of ticket


  • Drag & drop or click to select from your files to upload
  • Please note the ticket must be in a picture format 
  • Uploaded tickets will now be displayed
  • Continue to load remaining required tickets 

Upload Later

If allowed by employer, if you do not have a copy of a required ticket you can choose to upload later. This will allow you to continue through the induction process. Your company will decide how much time you have remaining to upload each ticket.

  • Click on upload later
  • You will be asked to enter issue or expiry date depending on the type of ticket
  • You will be sent a reminder email a week ahead of the due date
  • Click confirm
  • This will list ticket in uploaded tickets with its due date displayed


  • Continue to load tickets
  • You can choose to load Tickets against All Other Tickets in the list, if you have the applicable competency

Once you have uploaded now or chosen to upload later all required tickets, you will receive a green section complete, with a tick against all uploaded tickets.  This allows you to progress to the next induction stage


  • Click on return home
  • You will now see a tick against view section
  • You can return to tickets section at any time to update expired or add desirable tickets.

Corporate Internal Inductions

The corporate induction training is allocated to ALL employees & subcontractors and are mandatory.

The induction modules will vary from company to company



  • Click on view slides
  • Click on next slide to view all
  • Click on watch video
  • Click on take section questionnaire
  • Answer questions
  • Once all completed you will receive a tick against that module (as highlighted below)
  • Complete all corporate modules allocated


  • Once you have received ticks against all of corporate induction you can move onto site inductions & other allocated Internal training


Site Inductions

Please note - All users will be able to view ALL company site inductions - Only complete the site inductions applicable to your role/ site.

  • Click on Take Site Induction


  • Use the search field to find required Site Induction


  • Click on Start to view the Induction Presentation
  • Slick on Start to complete the Induction Questionnaire
  • Answer Questions correctly
  • Tick the acceptance statements
  • Submit
  • You have now completed that Site Induction
  • You can return to Site Induction at any time to complete another 

Induction Evidence Form

Clicking on generate document will download your induction, training & ticket evidence, with the ability to send to interested parties.


Your company can create folders & documents such as leave & safety forms. Available to all staff for easy access.

Click on the folder icon to view & download documents 


Internal / Optional Training

This is where you complete the internal training that has been assigned to you via your position & any optional training that has been assigned directly to you.

  • Click on take internal training


  • Click on Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 09.29.57.pngto begin the module


  • Perform the incomplete Modules as directed
  • Training will show as completed on the Internal Training Page


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