FleetHire - How to create a Quote - Video Tutorial

Fleet Hire and quote generation. This guide runs through the steps to generate a quote within FleetHire. Includes asset confirmation, rates, clients, attachments, modifications, and closing.

Time Stamps

0:08 Introduction & requirements (Clients, assets, rates)

0:32 Asset confirmations

0:41 Entering asset rates

1:33 Extra rate options

1:42 Viewing existing quotes

1:55 Adding new quote – Division, dates, salesperson, Notes, Discount.

2:36 Entering client details

2:55 Site address

3:39 Adding assets and entering details

4:09 Adding attachments

4:19 Adding rates

4:34 Wet hire option & saving

4:55 Adding transport item and entering details

5:25 Adding labor

5:30 Viewing details

5:39 Changing rate options

6:19 Viewing/Sending quote

6:49 Viewing quote

7:03 Sending quote

7:19 Viewing quotes table

7:39 Changing quote status


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