FleetHire - Client Set Up

Client setup allows you to manage your client base. This is where you enter your client contact details, credit limit & insurance details. You can also send clients a list of your hire rates.

Clients can be done individually or via bulk upload using the supplied template.


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Client Set Up - Bulk Upload

  • Go to FleetHire
  • Clients
  • Click on the import clients

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  • Click on download importer template

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 10.33.51 am.png

  • Enter client details into CSV file and save
  • Drag file or click to select to upload 

Client Set Up 

  • Go to FleetHire
  • Clients
  • Click on + Add client

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Client Number

  • It is possible to enter a specific client number. If you are a Xero client, this number is what will match the client in both systems.
  • TFO will autogenerate a client number if left blank.
  • Once a client number has been created, they cannot be updated.

Client Details

  • Enter client company details
  • Any discounts set in client details will automatically fill into a quote or contract, these can be overridden or removed.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 10.36.45 am.png



Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 10.37.36 am.png

You can have unlimited contacts against each client

  • Click on + add contact


  • Enter contact details

Contacts can also be added in quote & contract stage.


Payment Terms Enter clients payment terms.  These can be adjusted on each tax invoice
Charge by Tracked Hours If yes selected, TFO tracked assets will automatically add any hours asset has operated over the set maximums into the tax invoice.    See Company Settings.
Auto-Invoice If yes selected, draft invoices will be auto generated based on the 'invoice every' settings below
Stand Down Apply Maximum If this is turned on, stand downs won't be included in invoices is the maximum hours for tracked assets are reached
Invoice Every Choose how often auto generated invoices occur


Credit Application

Use this to capture all of your clients credit information.


Insurance Details

Enter the client insurance details


Trade Credit Insurance


Send Hire Rates

The hire rates created in Rate Set up can be sent to the client.  Ensure that you have your Templates set up and ready to go.

  • Click on the send hire rates button


  • Select attachments
  • Choose the email Template from dropdown
  • Scroll to bottom of email & select the required PDF template


There will be a list of all asset subtypes with rates applied in Rate Setup

  • Click on 'all' in top left heading will auto tick all subtypes
  • Use the tick boxes to customise for each client
  • Do the same for 'labour' & other tabs
  • Click on 'view hire rates' list to preview
  • Push send 

Next Step - Company Settings


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