FleetHire - Rate Setup

Use rate set up to enter your standard rates for each asset type & subtype.

These rates will flow through into your quotes & contracts but can be overridden at each time.

Set default rates to set minimum rates that only admin users can approve.


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Asset Rates 

Rates for assets are set using asset type & subtypes. 

Please Note: These can be adjusted in FleetAdmin - Asset Details.  


Asset types with a green tick have rates applied, the red cross do not.

  • Go to Fleet Hire
  • Rate set up
  • Click on the type & subtype line to enter or edit rates

Choose from Unit types:

Hour Day Week
Month Single Item Tonne
Kilometer m3 Litre


Minimum Rate Ensures that users cannot go under set rate, unless approved by an Admin
Default Rate This is the rate that will used when generating quotes & contracts.  This rate can be overridden in quotes, contracts and at invoicing stage if required.


  • Enter rates in required units, ignoring any fields that are not relevant
  • Click save


Rate Setup - Labour

  • Select the labour tab
  • Click on + add labour


  • Create labour item
  • Name is required, all other fields optional
  • Add minimum & default hourly rates
  • Save

As with asset rates, labour default rates can be overridden at quote contract & invoice stages.



Rate Setup - Other

The Other tab is used to setup rates for items other than labour or assets

  • Select the other tab
  • Click on + add other


  • Create other item
  • Name is required, all other fields optional
  • Add required rates
  • Save

As with asset & labour rates, other default rates can be overridden at quote, contract & invoice stages.



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