FleetHire - Xero Integration Video Tutorial

This video guide runs through the process to integrate Xero into Fleet Hire to ensure your invoicing is automatically completed by the Fleet Hire software.

Time Stamps

0:10 Introduction

0:21 Creating a new contract

0:40 Filling in client and site details  

0:53 Main contract sheet created

0:56 Adding an asset

1:20 Attachments

1:47 Changing contract status

2:07 Automatic invoicing showcase

2:18 Creating an invoice

2:40 Picking dates for invoice

3:07 Saving and adding the invoice

3:17 Finance settings and showing Xero integration

3:27 changing options

3:32 Mapping hireable items

3:43 Logging into Xero and connecting to FleetHire

4:01 Syncing Xero with FleetHire data

4:18 Showing Xero syncing with invoice

4:32 Showing invoices within Xero

4:41 Viewing invoice in Xero and approving.

5:06 Viewing profit & Loss in accounting within Xero

5:22 Viewing specific details and applying filters.



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