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You can convert a quote to a contract or start your process from Contract stage. Contracts allows you build pricing for your Clients, using pre-populated set Rates, whilst also allowing you to customise contracts to specific projects. 

You can email your Client the completed contracts, allowing them to Sign & Accept at a touch of a button.  Keeping process seamless & paper free.

Please Note: It is only possible in the Contract stage to assign individual available assets. In the Quote stage, assets remain general Type and Subtypes only.

Enter Contract Details

  • Click on + Add Contract



  • The Contract Details page will appear.


  • Contract No: Will be autogenerated
  • PO No: (Optional)
  • Status: The Status of the Contract will change as you take contract through the process
  • Division: (Optional)
  • *Start Date: Start date of Hire
  • *End Date:  End Date of Hire Period. If you do not know the expected end date, you can push date out as required
  • Salesperson: Add from Dropdown
  • Notes: Entries into Notes appear on the Hire Calendar. A great place to add information handy to see at a glance, for example the Clients Job Name & Number
  • Discount: If a discount has been applied to a Client it will appear here.  You can override the Discount for each Contract
  • Damage Waiver: Select whether you would like to include a Damage Waiver. The damage waiver percentage can be customised on a contract-by-contract basis
  • *Client: Select from dropdown - Clicking on +Add Client allows you to quickly add a company name, you will need to go back into Clients and complete the full set up
  • *Contact: Select from Dropdown - Clicking on +Add Contact allows you to add all contact details for new contact, linking them to this Client
  • Site Address: Enter in site details - Find Address is available for ease of entry
  • Time Zone - This will default to the company set Timezone, use dropdown to change. Ensure that the Timezone is selected in line with the site address.  This will effect Stand Downs & tracked hours if incorrect. 
  •  Save Contract!

Please Note: Fields with a are required only. 

Add Assets to Contract

  • Once the Contract Details have been saved, you will now have the option to add Assets, Labour & Other, effectively building onto the Total of the contract.
  • The assets in a contract are checked for date availability. They can only be added to a contract if available for whole date range.
  • Click on Add Asset
  • Choose the Asset Type & Select specific Asset - If this asset is not available for hire during this selected period, a red warning box will pop up and the system will not allow you to choose it when already booked.
  • The Start & End Dates will come across from the Detail page
  • These can be manipulated to suit the dates the individual asset is required.  You will not be able to add an asset outside of the dates on Contract Detail page
  • Ticking Attachments allows you to link an attachment to the asset
  • Rates will come into Contract as per your Rate Setup. You can override these if required
  • Select Type of Unit Rate & required information
  • If Wet Hire, tick the box, this will bring up related field boxes
  • All the pricing for this asset will collate at the bottom of the page
  • Click Save
  • Click on Add Asset to continue adding Assets to build your Contract

Adding Labour to Contract

Click on the Labour tab
  • Here you have the option to Use Existing or Custom
  • Use Exisiting, will drop down options built in Rate Setup
  • Selecting Custom allows you to add in a Labour item for this particular contract.  This Labour item will not be saved into rate database for future selection
  • Manipulate the Dates, Rates and the number of Items as required

Adding Other Items to Contract


  • Here you have the option to Use Existing or Custom
  • Use Exisiting, will drop down options built in Rate Setup
  • Selecting Custom allows you to add in an Other item for this particular Contract.  This Other item will not be saved into rate database for future selection
  • Manipulate the Dates, Rates and the number of Items as required
  • Save as you go!

Once you have added all Assets, Labour & Other items to contract, the Contract Details tab will give you the total price of the Contract.

View / Send Contract

When you are happy with your Contract, you can now View & Send the contract to your client for approval.


  • Click on View/Send Contract - This will allow you to select from created Email & PDF Templates.
  • Use the Dropdown to select Templates required for Contract
  • Clicking on View Contract allows you to download your contract for a final check before sending
  • Click Send - The status will automatically change to Sent to Client

Client Acceptance & Convert to Contract

  • The client will receive the email with the option to Click to Accept


  • This will take them to FleetHire Client Portal to Accept Hire Contract.
  • They can then sign & Accept


  • The status on your Contract will automatically change to Accepted, once your client pushes the button.

Stand Downs

Please Note: Once accepted, the contract needs to be manually changed to OnHire. This phase is not automated due to legal documentation reasons - giving you the opportunity to oversee and double-check the assets availability.

  • Once Contract becomes OnHire, the Stand Downs Tab becomes available.
  • Click + Stand Down



  • Choose a start and end date (24 hour date range)
  • Select a Reason from the drop down - This will populate into the Hire Calendar
  • Add any necessary notes
  • Select Asset to be StoodDown
  • Use Pro Rata or add your own reduction price.
  • Tick Approved (only users with Administration Access can approve Stand Downs)

Please Note: Stand Downs are set in Company/Hire Settings -  Monthly Stand Downs Allowed

Condition Reports - On/Off Hire Records


  • Condition Report Details are now stored with the asset when added to a contract. These reports are completed via the App
  • You can also view these in FleetHire>Assets


Next Step - FleetHire - Creating PDF & Email Templates



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