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Screen Screen

Stand Downs - Creating a Stand Down

Once the status of a contract has changed to On Hire, you will notice the Stand Downs tab appear in the contract:


From the stand downs tab, you can:

  • Select which asset in the contract that is being stood down
  • Select the stand down period (up to 24hrs)
  • Select the reason for the stand down


Once the stand down has been saved, it will appear at the bottom of the page as a contract line item:


Stand Downs - Hire Calendar

On the hire calendar, stand down periods will appear against assets.

Red tiles are breakdowns & blue are for remaining types of stand downs


By hovering over the blue section with your cursor, you will see the following:

  • Contract Number
  • Client
  • Start/End Date
  • Stand Down Number
  • Any notes entered on the stand down

Stand Downs - Invoicing

Once a contract is invoiced, any Stand Down/s will appear as a reduction in the invoice items:


The figures in the stand down invoice item can be modified if necessary.

Stand Downs - Client Settings

In client settings, there are invoicing toggles that will change the way that stand downs behave in the system:


  • Charge by Tracked Hours - If this setting is enabled, FleetHire will monitor the utilisation of tracked assets and cancel a stand down if more than 30 minutes of utilisation is recorded on the day.
  • Stand Down Apply Maximum - If this setting is enabled, stand downs won't be included in invoices if the maximum hours for the asset are reached.

Stand Downs and Invoicing

This video details how to mark a stand down period on a contract. It takes you through the steps to put in a stand down time.

Time Stamps

0:08 Introduction

0:28 Searching for a created contract

0:45 Clicking on stand downs tab

0:55 Adding a stand down and entering dates, reason and details

1:34 Assets in contract shown

1:54 Saving stand down

2:04 Cancelling stand down

2:43 Adding an invoice & entering details

3:39 Showing totals – Costs and invoice items/number of units, etc.

4:20 Saving invoice

4:25 View & Export options

4:32 Xero integration

4:46 Conclusion


Next Step - Hire Calendar


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