FleetHire - Contracts - Video Tutorial

This is the next step after a quote has been created. Learn how to convert from a quote to a contract in this video.

Time Stamps

0:06 Leading on from the previous video in where we had created a quote, at the point of which you scroll down and press save.

0:20 You get an option now within the quotes to convert to contract, this one pops up right here.

0:27 Recap and circumstances in which we change this to an actual contract.

0:44 click “convert to contract”

0:48 Assign an available asset to the contract. A necessity at this point being a legal document by putting your asset on hire.

1:18 Selecting an asset from the drop down list

1:24 Click convert – Converts to a contract

1:29 View contract

1:35 Entering contract details, options and circumstances.

2:40 Viewing/sending a contract.

3:00 Viewing a contract in .Pdf format – checking before being sent to client.

3:18 Opening a contract

3:48 Changing status of contract

4:16 Viewing hire calendar, shows details of contract, name of client, hire period and asset next to name of asset.

4:25 Showing advanced search features/filters of hire calendar.


Next Step - FleetHire - Contract



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