FleetHire - Create On / Off Hire Checklists


The On / Off Hire Checklist feature will allow you to create a checklist for each Asset Type, taking users through predefined items to checkoff for Assets hiring out and receiving in. You will be able to:

  • View historic Condition Reports - FleetHire Assets
  • Create Work Orders from issues raised from On/Off Hire Checklists
  • Collect Customer details and signatures 
  • Skip straight to On Hire Report for Assets going to next Hire


From FleetHire:

  • Select On / Off Hire Set Up
  • Check lists can be customised as required for the selected Asset Type
  • Assets Types with a Green Tick have Custom Checklists already created
  • Asset Types without a tick have the system default Checklists - These can be viewed in The Fleet Office App

Step 1 - Create a checklist for Asset Types

  • Choose Asset Type
  • Click on Add Item to create rows


  • Enter Checklist description
  • Work Order Field - Selecting Yes will allow the User to create A Work Order if an Issue is selected, operator can add comments & up to three photos.  A Work Order is then created in FleetMaint


The Fleet Office App View

  • Priority Field - Priority of Work Orders can be determined using drop down options
  • Input Fields  - None - Will display below options. Selecting Issue will create a text box with entries included on finished report


                          - Odometer - Creates a Number field for User

                          - Hourmeter - Creates a Number Field for User

                          - Date - Creates a date selection


                          - Text - Letters & Numbers may be entered

                          - Number - Numbers only may be entered


  • Exclusive - Use dropdown to make checklist items exclusive to On or Off Hire
  • Photos - Up to three photos can be uploaded against each checklist item
  • User will not be able to finish the On/Off Hire Checklist until all required fields are completed.
  • Please ensure you save Checklist before you leave screen.

Step 2 - Clone Checklist from exisiting 

Once you have customised checklists created for one asset type, you can clone list into another Asset Type & customise.

  • Select Asset Type
  • Select Clone from Existing
  • Select required Checklist from dropdown
  • Checklist can then be edited to suit Asset Type




Step 3 - Edit Checklists

It is possible to edit checklists to customise for each asset type 


  • Click on the Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_10.17.09_am.pngto Edit Checklist Item
  • Click on the  Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_10.18.00_am.pngto delete line
  • Hovering your mouse on a Checklist Item will allow you to move its position in the Checklist
  • Please ensure you have saved your changes before you leave the page.
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