FleetHire - Create On / Off Hire Checklists

The On / Off Hire Setup feature will allow you to create a checklist for each Asset Type, taking Users through items to check for Assets hiring out and receiving in. Checklists are created for each Asset Type so they can be customisable for each Asset. You will be able to:

  • View historic Condition Reports - FleetHire Assets
  • Create Work Orders from issues raised from On/Off Hire Checklists
  • Collect Customer details and signatures 
  • Skip straight to On Hire Report for Assets going to next Hire
  • Send completed reports to clients from within FleetHire

Please note: All On & Off Hire reports are completed via the TFO App



Create a checklist for Asset Types

  • Go to FleetHire
  • Select On / Off Hire Set Up
  • Select the Asset Type you require
  • Assets Types with a Green Tick have Custom Checklists already created
  • Asset Types without a tick have the system default Checklist


Customise & Edit Default Checklists

  • Click on the Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_10.17.09_am.pngto Edit Checklist Item
  • Click on the  Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_10.18.00_am.pngto delete line
  • Hovering your mouse on a Checklist Item will allow you to move its position in the Checklist
  • Please ensure you have saved your changes before you leave the page
Work Order

Selecting Yes will allow the User to create A Work Order if an Issue is selected, operator can add comments & up to three photos.  A Work Order is then created in FleetMaint

Priority Field 

Priority of Work Orders can be determined using drop down Job Priorities options created in FleetMaint
Input Fields 

Will display below options. Selecting Issue will create a text box with entries included on finished report

Odometer   Creates a Number field for User

Hourmeter  Creates a Number Field for User

Date           Creates a date selection

Text            Letters & Numbers may be entered

Number       Numbers only may be entered


Use dropdown to make checklist items exclusive to On or Off Hire


  • Photos - Up to three photos can be uploaded against each checklist item, with a limit of 33 photos for each report.
  • User will not be able to finish the On/Off Hire Checklist until all required fields are completed.
  • Please ensure you save Checklist before you leave screen.

Clone Checklist from exisiting 

Once you have customised checklists created for one Asset Type, you can clone list into another Asset Type & customise.

  • Select Asset Type
  • Select Clone from Existing
  • Select required required Asset Type 
  • Checklist can then be edited as above to suit new Asset Type

Next Step - Completing On/ off Hire Checklists 

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